This rule clarification outlines a provision to demonstrate compliance with CORISA Emissions Unit Eligibility Criteria (EUC) for projects applying methodology or methodological standards that allows exemptions for situations where legally binding mandates are systematically not enforced and non-compliance is widespread in a country.

The starting point for all projects seeking Gold Standard certification of any kind. It provides the mandatory Principles & Requirements that all Gold Standard projects must conform to.

Requirements for conducting a mandatory stakeholder consultation and engaging stakeholders affected by a project on an ongoing basis.

A step-by-step guide to help project developers conduct stakeholder consultations in an effective and meaningful manner and presents guiding questions to audit and validate the stakeholder consultation process.

Safeguarding principles and associated requirements that all projects must assess and conform to throughout the certification process.

Mandatory gender-sensitive procedures/strategies that all projects must conform to. Plus optional gender-responsive guidelines for those projects wishing to quantify and certify specific gender equality (SDG 5) impacts.

Guidelines to assist project developers, partners and funders in communicating accurately and credibly about the benefits derived from Gold Standard projects.

Requirements, timings and procedures to transition projects from previous version of Gold Standard to Gold Standard for the Global Goals (GS4GG).