Preliminary Review form


New template toguide the project developers in evaluating the eligibility of their projects and compiling all necessary information for a fast and successful preliminary review process. 

The preliminary review process gives an early indication to project developers, before resources are committed, of the eligibility of a project. This step is not a certification decision, but it helps project developers close project design gaps early in the process. This new template provides more structured guidance to streamline this process. It is to be submitted along with the Project Design Document, the stakeholder consultation report, and all other documents required for preliminary review. 


  • Streamlined preliminary review process
  • Guidance on project eligibility and relevant requirements
  • Concrete questions in checklist format guide project developers
  • Project design gaps are identified early in the process
  • Integrated decision-making to keep communications together

The Preliminary Review Form is now released for public use and will become a mandatory part of the project development cycle for all projects submitting requests for preliminary review from 08 March 2022. Before that date, using the form is optional. 

For any queries or questions related to this tool, email 


In March 2022, two important new documents enter into force under Gold Standard for the Global Goals:

  1. SDG Impact Tools developed to standardise and streamline SDG impact reporting for projects whilst ensuring impact claims are consistent, credible and meaningful.
  2. Preliminary Review Form designed to guide project developers in the first steps of the certification cycle and streamline the preliminary review process.


  • 05:59 – 49:00 A brief overview of the certification process and document structure for Gold Standard for the Global Goals
  • 49:00 – 01:11:00 The preliminary review process, including application of the new Preliminary Review Form
  • 01:11:00 – 02:02:00 Application of the new SDG Impact Tool

1 March 2022