Gold Standard for the Global Goals is our next-generation standard, designed to accelerate progress toward climate security and sustainable development. The standard enables initiatives to quantify, certify and maximize their impacts toward climate security and the Sustainable Development Goals, while enhanced safeguards, holistic project design, management of trade-offs and local stakeholder engagement ensure Gold Standard continues to deliver the highest levels of environmental and social integrity.

This methodology applies to project activities that shift the mode of transport of urban passengers to mechanical bicycles, tricycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, or e-tricycles, by implementing related infrastructure in an urban area such as bicycle lanes, bicycle and e-scooter sharing programmes (through dock less bicycles or e-scooter sharing stations) and bicycle parking areas. This is an adaptation from the CDM approved methodology AMS.III.BM - Lightweight two and three wheeled personal transportation V2.0.

Requirements for conducting a mandatory stakeholder consultation and engaging stakeholders affected by a project on an ongoing basis.

A step-by-step guide to help project developers conduct stakeholder consultations in an effective and meaningful manner and presents guiding questions to audit and validate the stakeholder consultation process.

Requirements for designing and implementing a Programme of Activity (PoA) – an 'umbrella' certification under which multiple projects may be developed.

Webinar Recorded 1 March 2022 + Q&A session