Fee schedule VVB

Gold Standard for the Global Goals Fee Schedule

The following Fee Schedule is effective as of 14 August 2017 for all Gold Standard for the Global Goals Projects. Until existing projects transition to Gold Standard for the Global Goals, the Version 2.2 Fee Schedule will apply. Below please find a summary of the key changes and the rationale behind them:

Timing of payments. In 2017, Gold Standard changed the architecture of its certification review system to rely primarily on independent external reviewers for certification reviews rather than an internal review team. As a result, a certification review fee before each review was needed to ensure that external reviewers are properly and fairly compensated for their time.

Please contact help@goldstandard.org if you have a question about the fee schedule.

Additional Notes

  • All fees quoted are in US dollars (USD).
  • All applicable fees must be paid before any review will commence.
  • Gold Standard reserves the right to suspend any Registry account due to non-payment of fees for more than 60 days. All suspended Registry accounts must pay the Registry reactivation fee to terminate a suspension.

Fee Schedule

Project Types/PartyFee TypeFee
VVB Approval Fees
VVBApplication review fee   (valid for 36 months)$2,500 per entity/1 scope   $4,600 per entity/2 scopes
VVBApplication renewal fee   (every 36 months)$1,500 per entity
VVBAnnual accreditation fee   (covers 5 auditors)$1,500/1 scope   $2,800/2 scopes
VVBAnnual fee per additional lead auditor$500 per person/1 scope
VVBFee per additional training$500 per person

Fee Schedule FAQs

  1. What is an Annual Registry Account Fee?

This is the annual fee paid to Gold Standard for the maintenance and improvement of the Gold Standard Registry. It is paid by every account holder except account holders whose sole relationship to Gold Standard is as a NGO Supporter. (NGO Supporters who are also project developers must pay this fee.)

VVB Accreditation Fees

  1. What does the Application Review Fee include?

The Application Review Fee covers the time spent by Gold Standard reviewing the entity’s application to become a Gold Standard accredited VVB.

  1. What does the Annual Accreditation Fee include?

The the Annual Accreditation Fee includes the accreditation of 5 auditors, quarterly trainings for these auditors, and performance management feedback on their work.

  1. What is a “scope”?

For the purposes of VVB accreditation, the Gold Standard has divided its product offering into two scopes: (1) land use and forestry (carbon), and (2) all other project types (energy & waste (carbon), Cities, ADALYs, etc.). This is due to the significant differences in the expertise required for land use and forestry projects.

  1. What is an “additional training”?

An additional training is any specialist training that falls outside of the standard training that is included in the Annual Accreditation Fee. Specialist training may include, but is not limited to, training on the Sustainable Urban Development module or an ADALYs training.