Validation & Verification Bodies

Monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) are essential elements of climate and development initiatives, ensuring that project investments go further to deliver greater impacts – a key outcome from Gold Standard programmes. 

Validation/Verification Bodies (VVBs) play an important role in this MRV process, conducting third-party assessments to provide independent confirmation that projects are in line with Gold Standard Requirements.

The table below provides the list of accredited VVBs and the eligible auditors within their organisations. Project Developers can choose from any of the following VVBs for Gold Standard certification based on the project type and certification pathway, as well as on the sectoral scope of the methodology applied. The list will be updated continuously to reflect the most recent status of the applications.

Please select a VVB according to the type of project you require a validation or verification for, from the categories below. In case of doubt, compare the sectoral scope of the methodology the project is applying (shown in the methodologies page) with the approved accreditation scope of the VVB (shown on each VVB’s approval page).

If you are interested in becoming a Gold Standard approved VVB, go to the Become a VVB page.

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