Methodology development and approval process

For details regarding the development of methodology documents, please see the Procedure for Development, Revision, and Clarification of Methodologies and methodological tools.

How to submit a new methodology concept

  • - To submit a new methodology concept, please complete the concept note template and submit via email to methodology team.
  • - If you have any questions relating to methodology development, please submit them to our Helpdesk and clearly state methodology development in the subject title.

List of Documents in development

The following table contains a list of methodology documents that are in development with The Gold Standard. Please note that this list is subject to change and shall include all new methodology concepts submitted from 31st March 2024. The inclusion of methodology concepts submitted prior to this date will be subject to relevant permissions.

Type Title Sector Start Date Status
Methodology Stopping Oil Production to Eliminate GHG Emissions (STOPEGE) Other 24/04/2023 Methodology development
Methodology Contrail Prevention to Reduce Aviation’s Non-CO2 Climate Impacts Other 25/11/2021 Methodology review
Methodology Algal CO2 Uptake with Geological Storage (Nanobubble Photobioreactor) Other 21/11/2023 Concept consideration
Methodology Methodology for Carbon Dioxide Removals through Algal CO2 Uptake and Durable Storage Engineered removals 21/11/2023 Concept consideration
Methodology Revisions to Cook Stove Methodologies Community services 24/11/2023 Concept consideration
Methodology Methodology for Permanent Sedimentation of Harmful Algae Blooms Other 23/07/2023 Concept consideration
Methodology Reduction of Methane Emissions from the Exhaust of Internal Combustion Engines Burning a Methane-Rich Fuel Other 25/07/2022 Finalising methodology
Methodology Methodology for Measuring behaviour Change in Public Commuting through the use of Mobile Applications Other 29/11/2023 Concept / Methodology not eligible
Methodology Atmospheric Nitrous Oxide Removal using Photocatalysts Other 11/12/2022 Concept consideration
Methodology Methodology for Fertilizer and Pesticide Reduction Agriculture 14/07/2023 Concept consideration
Methodology Energy Saving through Elevator Regenerative Power System Implementation Other 30/05/2023 Methodology development
Methodology A Just Transition through the Early Phase-Out of Coal Fired Power Plants Renewable energy 22/02/2023 Methodology review
Methodology Emission Reductions through the Deployment of EV Infrastructure  Other 25/04/2023 Methodology review
Methodology GHG Emission Calculations for Marine Fuels and Bio Bunkers Other 14/09/2022 Finalising methodology
Methodology Wahaless Smart Farming Method Agriculture 01/02/2024 Concept consideration
Tool Digital Monitoring of Cook Stoves Community services 05/11/2023 Methodology development
Methodology Recovery and Recycling of Materials from Solid Wastes Waste management 05/10/2022 Methodology review
Methodology Avoided Emissions from Reduced Food Waste Waste management 30/11/2023 Methodology development
Methodology Phase-Out of Diesel Gensets and Replacement with Distributed Renewable Energy Systems Renewable energy 16/08/2023 Methodology development
Methodology Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene Produced from Used Cooking Oil  Other 02/08/2023 Methodology development