Pilot Adaptation Requirements

Take future climate risks into account by applying Gold Standard’s Adaptation Framework at the project level.

Losses due to climate-related events and stresses are increasing, with those in low-income countries being particularly vulnerable. Gold Standard’s Adaptation Framework, developed in partnership with Resilient Cities Catalyst (RCC), offers a comprehensive roadmap for project developers to design and implement projects while proactively addressing future climate risks and minimising losses.

This roadmap aligns with global best practices to define and monitor quantifiable harms and attribute loss reduction strategies to specific adaptation investments. Furthermore, it leverages stakeholder engagement to develop high-quality local adaptation and resilience projects that are investment ready. Local empirical knowledge gained through engagement can overcome critical gaps in impact data and guides both public authorities and the private sector toward smart climate investments.

Gold Standard is applying the Adaptation Framework to accelerate the transformation of national and city-level adaptation plans into a pipeline of high-quality adaptation projects. This will increase the flow of private investment in adaptation and effectively reduce the risks associated with future climate-related events.

The piloting process on projects using the Adaptation Requirements is currently underway and Gold Standard welcomes more partners to participate in a pilot.


For any enquiry, please contact help@goldstandard.org