CORSIA Updates

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What projects are eligible for CORSIA?

Gold Standard VERs and CERs were declared eligible for all project types for the CORSIA pilot phase, with some restrictions on vintage, microscale and Land Use and Forestry projects.
Gold Standard projects that have a first crediting period start date on or after 01 January 2016 are eligible to supply credits for CORSIA, for credits with vintages between 01 January 2016 and 31 December 2020.
Microscale projects that use the Gold Standard Validation and Verification Fund are not eligible to supply credits to the CORSIA scheme.
Land Use and Forestry
Planned Emission Reductions (PERs) are not eligible under CORSIA. Gold Standard VERs from certain Afforestation/Reforestation activities are not eligible, but credits from soil carbon, agriculture, and livestock projects may be eligible.

The Gold Standard Impact Registry has been updated to display those credits eligible for use under CORSIA. Credit eligibility is indicated at both a project page level and within credit block pages; where a project does not have credits marked as eligible, nothing is displayed. A ‘CORSIA’ filter can be applied to easily find eligible projects/credits and accounts need to be enabled by the Registry Team in order to retire and indicate credits for use under CORSIA. Eligible Gold Standard labelled CDM credits are managed in the CDM Registry.
Moving forward, projects that issue credits with eligible vintages will be considered for CORSIA eligibility during the performance review/issuance process.
For any queries or questions on the display of eligible credits, CORSIA functionality more generally, or to enable your account for use under CORSIA, contact

This rule update introduces changes to the eligibility requirements of Small Scale (SSC) projects and Voluntary Project Activities (VPAs) accounting Suppressed Demand Scenario to establish baseline.

This rule clarification outlines a provision to demonstrate compliance with CORISA Emissions Unit Eligibility Criteria (EUC) for projects applying methodology or methodological standards that allows exemptions for situations where legally binding mandates are systematically not enforced and non-compliance is widespread in a country.