A step-by-step guide to help project developers conduct stakeholder consultations in an effective and meaningful manner and presents guiding questions to audit and validate the stakeholder consultation process.

Provides guidelines to help projects better consider, articulate and mitigate risk with regards to A/R and Agriculture projects. It is to be read and used in conjunction with the Gold Standard Land-Use & Forests Activity Requirements.

Includes the set of templates required to help calculate GHG sequestration from Afforestation/Reforestation projects.

This technical reference manual aims to assist project developers and practitioners in applying the Gold Standard Methodology to Estimate and Verify ADALYs from Cleaner Household Air. While the specific requirements and guidelines are laid out in the ADALYs methodology, this document serves as a supplementary guide to support the successful implementation of the methodology. The manual also provides information on global and regional organisations and testing centres who have the expertise and capacity to monitor personal exposure – a mandatory requirement for the ADALYs methodology.

Presents the set of requirements and follow up actions to address a performance shortfall scenario associated with a Gold Standard Land-Use and Forest project.

Guide to filling up VPA Design Document Template