Support Documents and Tool for Methodology to Estimate and Verify ADALYs from Cleaner Household Air

Technical Reference manual

This technical reference manual aims to assist project developers and practitioners in applying the Gold Standard Methodology to Estimate and Verify ADALYs from Cleaner Household Air. While the specific requirements and guidelines are laid out in the ADALYs methodology, this document serves as a supplementary guide to support the successful implementation of the methodology. The manual also provides information on global and regional organisations and testing centres who have the expertise and capacity to monitor personal exposure – a mandatory requirement for the ADALYs methodology.

Online Tutorials

Release date August 2017

The introduction presents the background of the ADALYs methodology, including funders, experts and partners involved in the development process and provides an overview of the structure of the tutorial.

Module 1 presents an overview of methodology requirements, key definitions such as project boundary, pollutants included for the assessment and monitoring requirements, and requirements for crediting renewal for projects introducing the biogas, LPG stoves.

Module 2 presents guidance on household surveys and technology use monitoring. It also presents an overview of the key monitoring instruments like Continuous Stove Monitors, guidance on field monitoring and result interpretation. Finally, it summaries a typical monitoring schedule for a project.

Module 3 helps expands on the personal exposure monitoring requirements, and provides guidelines on planning and field study. It provides useful guidance on how to assess the PEM result following the statistical approaches. It also provides guidelines on CO monitoring, protocols and calibration requirements. Finally, it explains all the information required for HAPIT.

Module 4 focuses on how to use HAPIT and Cookstove IQ for ADALYs quantification and certification. It shows how to use the tools in detail using example screenshots from the applications.


Document name Version Released date
Methodology to Estimate and Verify ADALYs from Cleaner Household Air 1.0 17.01.2017