SDG Impact tool

SDG Impact tool This page provides quick access and guidance for the use of the SDG Impact tool

The Gold Standard SDG Impact Tool has been developed to help report, validate, verify, and track the contribution of project activities to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) more efficiently and seamlessly.

The tool is part of the work to digitise and streamline Gold Standard’s certification process and has been designed to make the process of impact claiming more efficient, allow for consistent and meaningful reporting on SDG contributions across multiple contexts and use cases, to ease the validation and verification process and help auditors, and other invested parties, to effectively assess the veracity of the impact claims made by a project or programme.

This page provides access to the relevant documents, templates and guidance to apply the SDG Impact Tool.

Note that there are currently two versions of the SDG Impact Tool, one hosted on excel and another hosted on a digital app. While both are currently accessible and open for use, the digital version will become mandatory for use in 2024 (and the excel version will become obsolete), we therefore highly recommend all users to use this version.


An online tool to easily, clearly and transparently monitor SDG impact. Information on how to access and use this tool can be found in the digital user manual or tutorial.

Guidance to support Project Developers and VVBs in applying the various features and functionalities of the tool efficiently and effectively.


A tool to easily, clearly and transparently monitor SDG impact. From 13 March 2022, the SDG Impact Tools are a mandatory part of the project development cycle. You can find all the information you need to apply these tools in the SDG Impact Tool Featured Requirements page.

A step-by-step guide for using the SDG Impact Tool, including five project specific case studies showing how the SDG Impact can be applied in practice.


Standardised template to submit any new monitoring indicators for the SDG Impact Tools

Applied to the Gold Standard Principles and Requirements, this rule update provides information on the scope, applicability and entry into force for the SDG Impact Tools.


SDG Impact Tools Case Studies