SDG Impact Tool

Version Released date Document name
v.1.3 5.10.2023 CURRENT DOCUMENT - SDG Impact Tool
v.1.2 15.06.2023 430_V1.2_IQ_SDG-Impact-tool.xlsx
v.1.1 25.04.2023 430_V1.1_IQ_SDG-Impact-tool.xlsx
v.1.0 14.12.2021 430_V1.0_IQ_SDG-Impact-Tool.xlsx

The excel-based standardised template to easily, clearly and transparently monitor SDG impact. From 13 March 2022, the SDG Impact Tools are a mandatory part of the project development cycle. You can find all the information you need to apply these tools in the SDG Impact Tool Featured Requirements page.

The fully digital SDG Impact tool is now ready and open for use by project developers, auditors and certification bodies.  

For an overview of SDG Impact Tool related documents visit the SDG Impact Tools page under Featured Requirements.

Video Tutorial

Recorded 1 March 2022

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Asset name Version Released date
SDG Impact Tool Manual 1.1 14.03.2022
SDG Impact Tool webinar 1.03.2022


Document name Version Released date
Template – Proposal for Monitoring Indicator(s)for inclusion in the SDG Impact Tool 1.0 14.12.2021