Become a VVB


Gold Standard works with third-party Validation/Verification Bodies, who conduct audits of projects throughout the Gold Standard Certification Cycle. These are typically established auditing companies with ample experience in GHG validation/verification, which are accredited by a recognized Accreditation Body under one of several accreditation schemes recognized by Gold Standard.

Validation/Verification Bodies seeking approval to conduct validations and verifications for projects and programmes under Gold Standard for the Global Goals and earlier versions of Gold Standard, need to:

  • Follow the Validation/Verification Body Requirements
  • Provide a completed VVB application and any relevant documentation to Gold Standard at
  • Ensure the competence of the VVB’s auditors in Gold Standard for the Global Goals. Please see this Study Guide for a list of the key documents.
  • Within 4 weeks of submission of the application, each auditor listed in the application form needs to complete the VVB online exam and attend regular trainings. These are hosted by SustainCERT and can be accessed via the link below.


Gold Standard oversees the procedures + requirements for the VVB programme.

For any general inquiries, including:

  • VVB approval procedures
  • Clarifications on requirements
  • Application submissions, approvals or reapprovals
  • Updates on accreditation status


As the official certification body for Gold Standard for the Global Goals, SustainCERT manages VVB trainings, examinations and performance tracking.

For any inquiries on:

  • VVB trainings
  • Examinations
  • Adding/removing auditor(s)
  • Certification decisions
  • Grievances


For any inquiries by individuals who wish to: