SDG Impact Tool


New SDG Impact Tool to more efficiently monitor, quantify and verify a project’s contributions to the SDGs, is ready for use.

The Gold Standard SDG Impact Tool makes it easier and less expensive for project developers to deliver more positive impact and measure those impacts quantitively, ensuring specific and credible impact claims. 

Built on principles formed in the  SDG Tool Guidance and piloted in the first half of 2021, this excel-based tool provides a standardised template to clearly and transparently monitor SDG impact alongside carbon reductions — simplifying the process, minimising the cost of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV), whilst enabling consistent and meaningful contributions to the SDGs. 


  • Indicators map to relevant SDG targets based on published literature to ensure outcomes are real and measurable
  • Built-in guidance helps to select parameters that will make the most difference to project beneficiaries
  • Supporting resources are designed to make implementation clearer and more streamlined
  • Reference values help auditors more efficiently assess monitoring reports and safeguard against over-claiming

To support the use of this tool, we have developed a step-by-step user manual, a brief demo, and case studies for different project types to provide examples of how the tool can be applied in practice.  
The SDG Impact Tool is now released for public use and will become a mandatory part of the project development cycle from 13 March 2022. 


We are working to further automate and digitise the tools to seamlessly integrate them into the standard documents and certification workflows. This will deliver enhanced impact reporting capabilities, including a compelling way to visualise impacts.  

For any queries or questions related to this tool, please email 


THE SDG IMPACT TOOL  A excel-based standardised template to easily, clearly and transparently monitor SDG impact

USER MANUAL  A step-by-step guide for using the SDG Impact Tool 

CASE STUDIES   Examples of how the tool can be applied in practice for different project types and how impacts can be visualised for communications 

SDG IMPACT TOOL DEMO  A quick demonstration of the tool and its benefits 

SDG TOOL GUIDANCE  The original principles co-developed with myclimate, Climate Seed, the Swedish Energy Agency, and UN SDSN 


In March 2022, two important new documents enter into force under Gold Standard for the Global Goals:

  1. SDG Impact Tools developed to standardise and streamline SDG impact reporting for projects whilst ensuring impact claims are consistent, credible and meaningful.
  2. Preliminary Review Form designed to guide project developers in the first steps of the certification cycle and streamline the preliminary review process.


  • 05:59 – 49:00 A brief overview of the certification process and document structure for Gold Standard for the Global Goals
  • 49:00 – 01:11:00 The preliminary review process, including application of the new Preliminary Review Form
  • 01:11:00 – 02:02:00 Application of the new SDG Impact Tool

1 March 2022