Project Design Document

Version Released date Document name
v.1.5 29.06.2023 CURRENT DOCUMENT - Project Design Document
v.1.4 21.06.2023 T-PreReview_V1.4-Project-Design-Document.docx
v.1.4 Guide 21.06.2023 TGuide-PreReview_V1.4-Project-Design-Document.pdf
v.1.4 Track changes
v.1.3 14.04.2023 T-PreReview_V1.3-Project-Design-Document.docx
v.1.3 Track Changes 14.04.2023 T-PreReview_V1.3-TC-Project-Design-Document.pdf
v.1.3 Guide 14.04.2023 TGuide-PreReview_V1.3-Project-Design-Document.pdf
v. 1.2 14.10.2020 T-PreReview_V1.2-Project-Design-Document.docx
v. 1.2 Track Changes 14.10.2020 T-PreReview_V1.1-TC-Project-Design-Document.docx
v. 1.2 Guide 14.10.2020 TGuide-PreReview_V1.2-Project-Design-Document.pdf
v. 1.1 22.02.2018 T-PreReview_V1.1-Project-Design-Document.docx
v. 1.0 1.07.2017 T-PreReview_V1.0-Project-Design-Document.docx

Any new validation activity starting on or after 29 September 2023 shall use this latest (version 1.5) design documentation template.

Use of the new format before 29 September 2023 is permissible and encouraged.

This template has been revised to aid a consistent interpretation and to better support project developers submitting documentation for certification. Please read the accompanying guide to understand how to complete this template accurately.


Document name Version Released date
Safeguarding Principles & Requirements 2.1 29.06.2023