Design Change Memo

Version Released date Document name
v.1.1 4.03.2021 CURRENT DOCUMENT - Design Change Memo
TRACK CHANGES - from previous version
v.1.0. 20.10.2020 T-v1.0-Design-Change-Memo.docx

As of 14 April 2023, the Design Change Memo Template was integrated into the Design Documentation templates (PDD/PoADD/VPADD) as an annex. The aim of this change is to streamline the process of design change submissions and to reduce the documentary burden on the project developers.

Any new design change activity starting on or after 13 July 2023 shall not include this Design Change Memo document but instead use the latest design documentation (PDD/VPADD/PoADD) template.

Use of the new format before 13 July 2023 is permissible and encouraged.


Document name Version Released date
Project Design Document 1.5 29.06.2023
POA Design Document 2.2 14.04.2023
VPA Design Document 2.3 29.06.2023