IQ Cookstove Tool

Gold Standard IQTM is a next-generation Impact Quantification system geared to accelerate and track progress toward the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Currently in development, this IT infrastructure is meant to reduce project development time and costs while improving ability to quantify and report on a project’s SDG impacts.

The first application is the Gold Standard CookstoveIQTM — an integrated web-based tool to help decision making, quantification and monitoring of emission reductions and sustainable development impacts for Gold Standard cookstove projects.

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The Cookstove IQ tool is currently under maintenance.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please note: IQ is undergoing testing to make it ready for certification purposes. You are free to trial all functionality, but please do not use with the intention of using IQ to certify a live project until it is confirmed as being ready for this purpose.

Video introduction to Cookstove IQ

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Why Cookstove IQ?

It is well known that improved cookstove projects are one of the most complex climate protection projects to develop and certify – yet their potential for overall positive impact on sustainable development is tremendous.  Many project developers need carbon finance to support their projects, but find this complexity a significant barrier to entering the market. The Gold Standard Cookstove Impact Quantification Tool (Cookstove IQ) has been designed to help overcome barriers to market entry. It standardises project data presentation, calculation and reporting using an online tool that can be accessed anywhere, and by multiple stakeholders (project owners/Gold Standard/DOEs/VVBs etc).

How does it work?

The CookstoveIQ online tool provides calculation tools for three most commonly applied GHGs quantification methodologies and ADALYs-Health Impact methodology. Project developers enter details about their projects into this secure online tool to quantify and monitor their projects. The tool automatically processes information to calculate emission reductions, reduce human error and reduce audit time.

What does it cover?

Project management:

  • Provides a web-based platform for Gold Standard Project Developers to view and manage all their projects in the Gold Standard pipeline
  • Maintains an online project stove database that can be accessed anywhere – help uploading stove distribution records from any location
  • Guides a user though each step in the project certification cycle
  • Reduces the likelihood of chance of human error and therefore greatly reduces audit time from built in data validation
  • Minimises manual exchange of data and reports with VVBs to bring greater transparency and efficiency
  • Stores data from all years in the project to track progress over time

Impact assessment:

Emission reductions

  • Simplifies and standardises GHGs calculation tool for users – reducing project development costs and lowering barriers to market entry
  • Provides some flexibility to customise calculations for project-specific scenarios
  • Includes features for easy sample selection for monitoring parameter individually or for combined sample
  • Includes approved tools and templates to accurately collect key project information such as KPT, Surveys
  • Digitises data so that it can be made available to other stakeholders (including funders) if needed

Health impacts

  • Facilitates health impact quantification of cookstove project following the ADALYs methodology
  • Provides an integrated platform for managing both GHG emission reductions and health impacts of cookstove project

Other Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) impacts

  • Inbuilt features to assess contributions to SDGs and their corresponding targets
  • Suite of simplified indicators to design customised monitoring plan for project-level monitoring
  • Flexibility to add new indicators and monitoring approaches

Who can use it?

Cookstove IQ is designed for use by Gold Standard project developers, who can share the information with auditors, Gold Standard and other interested stakeholders, such as funders and investors. Other interested stakeholders may also request access to the Cookstove IQ tool.


This tool is prepared with the financial support from Inter American Development Bank and World Vision Australia. The project is a part of the programme “Financing efficient cookstoves for rural Andean communities” funded by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) – a member of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group and World Vision Australia – that aims to promote the use of clean cookstoves in Peruvian Andean communities for better health and a better environment. We would like to thank you to our project partners; Microsol and World Vision Peru for their contributions. We are also grateful to our project developers who have generously contributed their time in sharing their feedback and suggestions.

The ADALYs module to this tool was developed with the financial support from World Bank Group and the Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme (ESMAP) under the Efficient Clean Cooking & Heating Program (P156948).