GS – F003 – Amarí Crop Production + Conservation Debt Fund

Fund/Portfolio Objectives

The Amarí Crop Production + Conservation Debt Fund promotes the conservation of national biomes by funding responsible and sustainable crop production and farmland use. The fund is an evolution of a standard agricultural credit instrument. It incorporates an environmental reward mechanism, granting farmers access to the capital they need for grain production all the while aligning incentives for protecting native biomes. This approach allows the inclusion of forests and other natural areas, which are often deemed “unproductive”, into the economy and internalises the positive externalities of conservation.

The Fund will use a leading, best-in-class technology platform developed through a partnership between Global Forest Bond (GFB) and KPMG. Allowing producers and landowners to assess the environmental integrity of conserved areas. This partnership ensures full transparency and auditability of the ecosystem services provided.

Amarí is a Tupi word meaning a strong and leafy tree.

Enterprise Managing the Fund/Portfolio

SDGs Impacts

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Countries targeted

Latin America: Brazil

Fund Portfolio Documents

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Listed2023Debt design Document