GS-F001-Subnational climate fund

Fund/Portfolio Objectives

The goal of the SCF is to catalyse climate mitigation and adaptation solutions at the subnational level through a transformative finance model. The model is designed to attract public and private investment and to deliver certified climate and sustainable development impacts and Nature-based Solutions.

The Subnational Climate Fund creates multiple sustainability co-benefits with specific targets by investing in mid-size low-carbon and climate resilient infrastructure. With the aim to mitigate climate change and strengthen adaptive capacities (SDG 13), improve livelihoods and enhance prosperity in emerging markets and developing countries (SDG 8), and transform lives in local economies and promote inclusion by promoting women’s economic empowerment (SDG 11 & 5).

SCF partner primarily with subnational authorities to identify and implement projects, financed with a blend of concessional and conventional capital, along with Technical Assistance grants that help mitigate risk and ensure financial and environmental goals are achieved.

Enterprise Managing the Fund/Portfolio

SDGs Impacts

Fund/Portfolio status

Design Certified

Countries targeted

Africa: Burkina Faso; Cameroon; Côte d’Ivoire; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Gabon; Guinea; Kenya; Mali, Mozambique; Nigeria; Rwanda; Senegal; South Africa; Togo; Uganda

Asia- Pacific: Cambodia; Fiji; Indonesia; Myanmar

Latin America and the Caribbean: Bahamas; Brazil; Chile; Costa Rica; Dominica; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; El Salvador; Guatemala; Haiti; Honduras, Jamaica; Mexico; Panama; Uruguay

Mediterranean: Albania; Jordan; Lebanon, Mauritania; Montenegro; Morocco; North Macedonia; Tunisia.

Fund Portfolio Documents

Certification StatusDateDocumentation
Listed11 September 2022Fund design Document v.1.1
Design Certified7 July 2023Fund Design Document v.1.2
Validation Report v.1.3
Supporting DocumentsEnvironmental and Social Management System
Sustainability Disclosures
ESG Screening and Categorisation template
Environmental & Social Due Diligence
KPI data collection at investee and project level Template
KPI Dashboard at portfolio level Template
Diversity and Inclusion Policy