Agriculture Rule Updates

29 August, 2017: Rule update – limited issuance of Planned Emissions Reduction Units (a name change from Validated Certificates) to a maximum of 5 years forward from a verification

  • Validated Certificates are hereby renamed as Planned Emission Reductions (PERs)
  • The issuance of PERs is now optional – Project Developers may choose not to issue PERs if preferable
  • The issuance of PERs is limited to a maximum of 5 years forward from any verification, including for New Area Certifcations

15 November, 2016: Rule update – change to the mapping requirement for smallholder and microscale land use projects:

All A/R and AGR projects involving smallholders and using the Smallholder and Microscale Guidelines shall be required to submit digital polygons of each plot area (as by Google Earth or other online tools, on-site GPS or lidar measurements). A single GPS point and hand-drawn maps will no longer be permitted.

15 November, 2016: Rule update – clarification on the tools permitted for the demonstration of additionality under Option 1 for AGR projects:

In addition to using the CDM “Guidelines for the establishment of sector specific standardized baselines” to demonstrate additionality, projects are also permitted to use the CDM Tool for the demonstration and assessment of additionality>> in cases where projects pursue Option 1 as an alternative to the sector specific procedure.