Fully Digital SDG Impact Tool Phase I launch

Following the launch of the SDG Impact Tool (excel version) in December 2021, we have been working away behind the scenes to build a fully digital tool. We are very pleased to announce that this new digital application is now ready and open for use by project developers, auditors and certification bodies.  

This tool is part of the work to digitise and streamline Gold Standard’s certification process. It has been designed to be a one-stop solution for reporting, quantifying and verifying SDG impacts. 

The first phase of the tool is for use by for use by existing project developers, auditors and certification bodies. Please only submit a user request for the SDG Tool if you are an auditor, certification body, or an existing Gold Standard Project Developer.

The second phase, to be released later in Q1 – 2024, will advance SDG reporting to the next level with data visualisation capabilities. This will support project promotion by developers, while allowing investors and buyers to quickly and clearly view high-level SDG impact data, to aid their funding/purchasing decisions. If you want to be kept up to date with updates on this, and other Gold Standard news please sign up to our newsletter

If you are a new Project Developer please open a new Gold Standard Impact Registry Account and begin the certification process. Access to the tool will the be granted upon a project achieving Listed status.

The SDG Impact Tool App is

– A one-stop shop – Seamless reporting, validation, verification and review of SDG impacts and safeguards, all in one place.

– An efficient safeguarding principles assessment – A digital checklist that makes it easier for Project Developers to report, and for VVBs and Gold Standard to review the assessment.

– A streamlined review workflow – Easy and consistent processes of review, closure of findings, and interaction between PD, VVB and reviewer.

Following the first phase of the release, the second phase will take place in Q1-2024, including:

– New visuals to support project promotion – Impact visualisations of project SDG data, aiding project promotion and facilitating informed decisions for investors and buyers.

Should you have any specific queries, encounter any issues, please email help@goldstandard.org. A FAQ document will be built around any questions received and shared in the coming weeks.

User Manuals and Video