Renewable energy label product requirements

Renewable energy label product requirements


This rule update introduces the changes in “Renewable Energy Label Product Requirements” for projects seeking certification of renewable energy labels retroactively. The rule update better aligns the Gold Standard REL Product Requirements with renewable energy certificate Schemes.

Rule Update:

The following rule updates have been introduced for projects seeking retroactive renewable energy labelling.


  1. Definition of “start date”:

The start date for retroactive projects seeking certification of Renewable Energy Labels ‘only’ (not seeking certification of carbon credits or other assets) is the date on which the project is connected to the national or a regional grid.


  1. Date of submission:

A retroactive project may be submitted for retroactive design certification any time within 5 years after project start date. An exception is being introduced for renewable energy projects seeking certification of Renewable Energy Labels ‘only’ on a pilot basis and will be in effect until 02/09/2019. It will be subsequently reviewed, and further changes may be introduced, as required.

Retroactive projects must submit for preliminary review prior to 02/09/2019 to be eligible for this pilot.

[According to GS4GG Principles and Requirements, Retroactive Design Certification is applicable to the Projects where the Project Start Date has already occurred prior to the first submission of Preliminary Review information to Gold Standard and Retroactive Projects shall submit for Preliminary Review within 1 year of the Project Start Date.]


  1. Project Eligibility

The following project eligibility criteria are applicable to the retroactive projects that are submitted with exceptions introduced via above mentioned updates only.

  • Hydropower projects or Projects making use of non-renewable biomass resources, regardless of their scale, shall NOT be eligible


  • Projects using renewable biomass resource for power generation are eligible for Renewable Energy Labels only as long as the project can provide evidence to demonstrate compliance with the additional requirements mentioned in the ‘Renewable Energy Activity Requirements – Annex A’ for the operating years the project is seeking Renewable energy labels retroactively and annually after that.