This document provides the mandatory Principles & Requirements that all Gold Standard projects must conform to. It represents the starting point for all projects seeking Gold Standard certification of any kind.

This document details the stakeholder consultation & engagement Procedure, requirements & guidelines that all projects must apply.

This document details the safeguarding principles and associated requirements that all projects must assess and conform to.

This document describes the timing, requirements and procedures under which existing Gold Standard projects transition to Gold Standard for the Global Goals.

This document describes how Gold Standard certification decisions are made and how VVBs are approved to audit Gold Standard projects. It also includes which GS-VVBs are eligible to audit different Gold Standard project certification pathways.

This document provides the requirements for Programmes of Activity, a term used to describe an ‘umbrella’ certification under which multiple projects may be developed.

This document provides the specific requirements and adjustments to requirements that apply to micro-scale projects.

These guidelines are intended to assist project developers, partners and funders in communicating accurately and appropriately about the benefits derived from Gold Standard projects.

This document represents the guidelines associated with Gender Sensitivity (Steps 1 to 3) and Gender Responsive (Steps 4-6) approaches.

This document presents the Gold Standard Gender Policy, as applicable at an organisational level and to the standards and certification of Gold Standard projects.

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Principles & Requirements

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