Gold Standard CDM FAQ

How can Gold Standard CDM projects be converted into Gold Standard VER projects?

Apart from converting issued Gold Standard CERs into Gold Standard VERs, guidelines for transitioning from CDM/Gold Standard CDM to Gold Standard VER projects are also available within the “Emissions Reduction & Sequestration Product Requirements”.


Do registered and verified CDM projects labelled under Gold Standard also have to transition to Gold Standard for the Global Goals?

Yes, this must happen at your next verification/Performance Certification or crediting period renewal/Certification Renewal that will start after 1st March 2018.


How do GS4GG crediting/labelling cycles align with those in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which are different?

GS CER projects shall follow the CDM Certification Renewal/crediting cycle (i.e. 7 years), except for Ongoing Financial Need, which shall follow the GS4GG crediting cycle and be renewed every 5 years up to the maximum number of years allowable under the Activity Guidance (in the absence of specific guidance, this is typically 10 years, or 1 renewal).  Issuance of GS labels may cease part way through a CDM Crediting Period.


Does Gold Standard check the additionality of CDM registered projects?

Gold Standard relies on CDM governance to verify additionality and does not check the additionality of CDM-registered projects.


For how many years can a project claim pre-CDM VERs?

The Project Developer can claim Gold Standard pre-CDM VERs for a maximum of two years prior to the start of the CDM or JI crediting period (date of registration/determination under UNFCCC) provided they enter into an agreement with The Gold Standard Foundation. This agreement states that the PP will commit to surrender to The Gold Standard Foundation, for immediate retirement, CERs or ERUs that will be issued in respect of GHG Reductions generated by the Project during the CDM or JI crediting period in an amount equal to the Pre‐CDM VERs or Pre-JI VERs. In all cases, credits cannot be claimed for more than a period of 2 years prior to the Gold Standard registration date.