GS4GG Transition FAQ

Deadlines - Is it correct that all projects must transition to Gold Standard for the Global Goals starting on March 01st 2018 at the latest?

Yes, in this case, transition must occur at the next verification/Performance Certification or next renewal of crediting period/Certification Renewal (whichever is earlier) after this date.  Special rules apply to inclusions in POAs, please check the Transition Requirements


Deadlines - Which milestone is used to define the term ‘submission’ for projects and VPAs with respect to transition deadlines

Submission is defined as the date of submission of the LSC report for a regular cycle project or the date of submission of documents for the Pre-Feasibility Assessment for retroactive projects.


Deadlines - How is the start date of verification defined with respect to the deadline for transition (1st March 2018)?

It is defined as the date of the contract signed between the project developer and the VVB.


Eligibility - Are there any projects that are exempt from transitioning to Gold Standard for the Global Goals?

All Gold Standard Projects are required to transition to Gold Standard for the Global Goals except for projects with a 10 year fixed crediting cycle with less than 24 months remaining on 14th August 2017.


Procedure - Does a separate Transition Annex need to be prepared for a PoA and each respective VPA, or may one Annex be prepared for the entire PoA that is applicable to all VPAs?

Our intention is to make the process straightforward, so a single Annex can be prepared for the POA, provided all differences across VPAs and their impact on Safeguarding and SDG assessment is captured in the document.  However, if this leads to an update in the monitoring plan then this shall be captured for each VPA separately.  Note that the length of crediting period shall also be updated for each VPA separately.


Procedure - Does additionality have to be demonstrated for projects to transition to Gold Standard for the Global Goals?

Additionality is not required to be demonstrated for transition as only registered projects will transition (and additionality will not be retroactively assessed).


Procedure - Will previously registered VER projects be required to monitor and report on their original Millennium Development Goal (MDG) based sustainable development indicators in addition to those required to demonstrate SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) contributions?

A project must show how their original sustainable development indicators can be linked to at least two separate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in addition to SDG 13 which is demonstrating using an approved greenhouse gas accounting methodology.  If the justification is adequate, then no changes or additional monitoring will be required.  Note that it will not be a requirement to monitor and report on MDG impacts after transition.


Audit - Are Validation/Verification Bodies (VVBs) involved in reviewing the transition annex?

No, they are not. The process is handled entirely by the Gold Standard Secretariat.  VVB opinion is however required for transitions at crediting period renewal/Certification Renewal.