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Gold Standard for the Global Goals helps ensure projects remain best-in-class and relevant amidst changing policy dynamics. With the Paris Agreement bringing about fundamental changes in carbon markets, the evolution of the standard positions projects for success in an uncertain policy environment. By allowing project developers to select from a range of products to represent the climate outcomes of their projects – such as renewable energy certificates, certified emission reduction statements, or carbon credits – Gold Standard projects will be resilient in all sectors and geographies in the face of emerging risks around double counting.

Gold Standard for the Global Goals also empowers project developers to take advantage of new opportunities in sustainable development. Enhancements to safeguarding principles in Gold Standard for the Global Goals are designed to ensure Gold Standard projects remain the benchmark for years to come. Certified SDG Impact Statements can make your projects more attractive to a wide range of funders that are increasingly demanding verified metrics.


The project design and certification process is geared toward ensuring the highest levels of integrity and confidence. Gold Standard is also committed to finding new ways to streamline the certification process and reduce time and costs associated with developing projects. We will develop a new IT infrastructure as well as new technologies aimed at shortening review periods and automating monitoring where possible, while also enhancing reporting capabilities.

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